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Why Data Backup is important? 4 Points for novices

Well, almost everything important nowadays seems to be stored in our computers.

Let’s face it; you can’t afford to lose your valuable data.

Doing so could possibly be the end of one’s business at worst, or at the very least the loss of many important legal and financial documents, family photos (since we’re all going digital now) important emails, and, well, you get the idea.

It’s definitely a good idea to back up your files on an external hard drive if you can, or at least burn them to compact disks or DVD’s.

But a remote data backup system will keep your files safely at a safe location away from your home or business.

Imagine being able to keep all your files safe for a life time without worrying about stockage, additional devices or technical knowledge.

This is why Data Backup is important:

Data backups are the most effective way to make sure you won’t lose those important files.backup is important

Don’t make the mistake of believing that backups are only for computer geeks or large corporations, or a task that can be performed ‘when I get around to it’.

On the contrary, backup is important for everyone.

Even if your computer has been running reliably for years, it will fail one day – either through virus attack, user error or just age.

On that day, one of two things will happen.

You’ll either suffer the grief that comes with losing financial information, passwords, music collections, personal photographs and all the software you’ve purchased.

Or, you can repair or replace the computer and restore from the backups you’ve been making regularly.

The latter is an annoyance, the first a disaster.

There are many ways to lose the information on your computer.

Besides the obvious hardware failures, there are :

  • Floods,
  • Fire,
  • Power surges
  • Or even your child unplugging the computer at the wrong moment.
  • A virus or spyware that wipes everything out could also infect your computer.

backup is important

Often the only way you’ll get your data back is by having a backup copy.

And even if a data recovery service can get it back for you, it can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars for them to do so.

What to Backup?

For many of us, computer has become a critical part of our life.

We use them for working, entertainment and corresponding with people we know.

Over the course of time, most people create a number of files that are important to them and would cost time, money or both if they were lost.

For the average user, it’s usually not necessary to backup every file on the computer, which would require large storage space.

But at bare minimum, home users should backup personal files and irreplaceable software.

Spreadsheets with financial records not easily available from other sources, legal documents, work-in-progress… the list is large.

backup is important

But backups needn’t be. The easiest way to backup your files is to use the software that comes with most operating systems.

Windows includes one, as does Mac OS X, Linux and others.

These programs are usually pretty straightforward and it’s just a matter of selecting the files and folders you want to save.

Many of them can even be scheduled to run in the middle of the night or some other time you’re not using your computer.

If you want something a little more powerful, there are a number of backup program you can purchase.

These programs offer features such as only backing up files that have changed since the last backup, or those that have changed since a particular date.

Some files are a little tougher to backup, such as email. Some email software stores the messages on the server instead of on your computer.

In those cases, you can usually save the messages into a file on your computer that can then be backed up.

As Backup is important, it can be done to any kind of removable media – writeable CD’s/DVD’s, removable hard drives or even the newer ‘key chain’ devices that plug into a USB port.

Just set aside 7 disks and rotate them from week to week. Having to run a backup every day may seem like a pain in the neck,

but you’ll be glad you made the time on the day your computer crashes and you need a file that got wiped out.

Data backups are just one component of an effective computer protection plan.

Cloud Backup For Data Recovery

The typical process of backing up computer data is almost like a form of insurance.

It may seem too mundane or unnecessary to bother with, but when the disaster strikes, it may be too late.

Many years ago, computer data backup software utilities and solutions included forms of external physical media;

Such as CD’s, zip drives, DVD’s, external hard drives, tape drives, or automated software running on the computer itself.

When in the market for a backup solution, modern broadband Internet connections, plus more affordable hard drive space, have made online backup a viable option to consider, also called cloud backup services.

Accordingly, numerous online backup services are now available for both additional space, as well as disaster recovery.

Backup is important
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These services generally have the advantage of not requiring the user to purchase external storage, but rather to pay for the service on an ongoing basis, as one does their Internet connection.

Another advantage is that the software client’s footprint is often lighter and less taxing on one’s computer than running a traditional backup program.

One disadvantage, however, is that the speed of the backup process is limited to bandwidth, which can make large backups very time consuming compared to more traditional external physical media.

The process may be interrupted by a failed Internet connection. A large number of services allow users to try them for free.

With monthly fees for subscribers beginning at around five dollars, to an unspecified limit of hundreds of dollars each month for enterprise subscribers.

Currently, one gigabyte is where available storage capacity begins at, right through to space without limits.

Users are able to buy more space for storage, as they need it.

This differs from external media. Some services are tailored to the Windows operating system while others are more toward the Macintosh operating system.

One can then expect the entire data restoration process to be much easier from certain services than others.

Also, many online backup services have options for additional functionality;

Such as photo sharing through online slide shows, file sharing, data encryption during uploading and downloading as well as the data storage itself.

As with all things, hard drives will eventually fail.

Similarly, a thief could walk away with your computer and its contents.

Additionally, through intent or accident, it is quite possible your drive could be reformatted, and the data lost.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to do systematic backups, and to check them periodically to ensure you have a recent copy of your information for data recovery.

Other Online Data Backup Benefits

It’s simple to have your files backed up at a remote data center – well away from the possibility of any natural disasters, fires, theft, or just plain old nasty computer crashes.

If some misfortune does befall your home or business, you won’t have to worry about your valuable data,

since copies of everything will be kept safe, and well away from your immediate troubles.

Once you have access to a computer, all you need do is log into your account to get the precious files back.

Having files safely backed up at a remote data center gives tremendous peace of mind for many small business owners today.

Also, with so many people working from home and on the road, it’s an ideal way to make sure your data is always safe and secure.

Having a tech team of one’s own isn’t always an option for a small or home business, so knowing your files are always secure at a remote data center is a more affordable option.

And of course, while on the road, it’s easy to access any or all of your data at your convenience from the remote data center.

All that is required are the access codes given to you by your provider and total access is yours no matter what part of the world you happen to be in – as long as you have an internet connection of course.

That also means you can back up your new files while you’re on the road too.

It’s always a good idea to back up your files, and to use an external hard drive is a good option.

The truth is though; it isn’t always the best option to secure your data.

My sister lost a lot of her important travel photos last year when her external hard drive failed.

It was just a few months old and crapped out on her without warning.

The manufacturer replaced it of course, but the pictures were gone for good.

For the small price involved, and the peace of mind it offers, it just seems to make sense to use a remote data backup system when you can.

Backing up your important data with an online provider can be simpler and more affordable than you might think.

You can try out one of these providers for free to see how it works – and how it might benefit you or your business.

Did you assimilate why Data Backup is important? Share with us your thoughts on the comments below.

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