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How to deal with data loss?

Have you heard of data/file recovery?

The definition of the term Data Recovery is “..Making previously lost or damaged data available again..”

A data recovery software or method can help us recover destroyed data e.g. an accidentally deleted file.

It happens all the time. You delete an important file on your PC and send it to your recycle bin by mistake. You realize what you’ve done only after you’ve cleaned the contents of the recycle bin.

What do you do now?
That file you deleted was so important. Fortunately there are lots of methods (Data Recovery Methods) and software (Data Recovery Software) available to help you get your lost files back.

Let’s start by mentioning some possible reasons for the loss of data:

* You accidentally delete an important file. Then you immediately shred the contents of your recycle bin

* During today’s system crash some files just disappeared and cannot be located or accessed

* You format your hard drive but then you remember those important .zip files previously stored in the newly formatted empty medium.

* A power outage prevented some files from being written to the hard disk.

* Data loss can also occur due to physical damage of the storage media. For example the surface of your CD-ROM may be scratched off or your hard disk may suffer from all kinds of possible mechanical failures.

..and the list goes on.

Is Data Recovery Important?

Data recovery is a very misunderstood concept. A lot of people may not even be aware of the existence and the importance of data recovery.

Maybe they think of it on a personal level. The truth is, lost data causes financial disasters to companies all over the world. The cost associated with computer downtime and lost data is enormous (several million dollars) for businesses.

How to deal with data loss?

Losing files is easy but recovering them can be difficult. If the loss was due to physical damage then you need someone with experience, a hardware technician or something. It wouldn’t be wise to try to overcome hardware failures alone unless you are a professional.

Now, if the loss of data was due to logical failure or human error then the solution is data recovery software. The data recovery software should be able to:

– Undelete files even after you’ve shred the contents of your recycle bin
– Recover files after you’ve been infected from a malicious threat (trojan, worm or other virus)
– Recover files from reformatted hard disks or after your system crashes or your hard disk fails
– Recover all types of files (all kinds of documents, images, music, videos, email messages, zipped files etc)
– Recover data from all types of storage mediums (hard disks, external drives, CD-ROM, usb drives, floppy disks etc)
– Recover files easily and successfully. Should be user-friendly allowing someone with no data recovery skills to use it
– Take/create backups of critical system files or files you choose

The best way to avoid data loss is to start taking backups of your important storage mediums.

Either create backups of data on CD-ROMS or use an external drive or zip drive to back up your critical files.

If you want to go further look for software that automates the process of backing up and storing your data.

These programs are kind of “set and forget”. You set it up to take backups every hour or every day or month etc. and let the software do the rest.

The Solution To Finding Your Lost Files

When the worst happens to your computer and all your files disappear, never worry!

There are a number of quality data recovery companies that are able to restore your critical files quickly and easily.

Instead of tearing out your hair over a stubborn computer that is holding that essential file hostage, let the worries slide away and send off your hard drive to a data recovery company.

These companies work their magic and recover files of all sizes in a remarkably quick turn around time. This service is essential for any individual or business that has fallen onto hard times with their computer.

Most data recovery companies operate over the internet and occupy cyberspace as they would a store front. If you find yourself in need of a quality company to find your files, look no further than the World Wide Web.

A simple search of search engines will produce hundreds of quality companies eager to solve your every problem.

Before you send off your hard drive, carefully evaluate the chosen company to ensure it is legitimate and reputable. Using an incorrect company may result in further headaches and a loss of money for services not rendered.

Upon your search for a data recovery company, investigate their capabilities and services.

Choosing a company that will best serve your needs will ensure the greater success in the end. You may need to compare services versus charges for these data recovery companies.

The old adage, you get what you pay for could not be truer when it comes to regaining your lost files.

If you are taking the trouble to send off your hard drive in an attempt to reclaim critical files for business or personal reasons, then you should be prepared to spend the appropriate amount of money to get the job done.

However, just because one data recovery is more expensive than another one does not mean the pricier company is more successful.

When choosing a data recovery company to reclaim your files, consider contacting individuals who has used their services in the past.

This recommendation to use or to avoid the company may be an excellent method to choosing a company.

Also, contact the company directly and explain your specific situation.

A representative for the company will be able to discuss the possibility of the recovery of your files and the estimated cost of their services.

You should be sure to inquire the expense if the company is unable to recover the lost files. Many companies offer to return your hard drive without charging for their services if they are unable to deliver your compromised files.

Whichever data recovery company you entrust to regain your lost files, be sure to keep the company’s contact information if you are pleased with the services rendered.

Having this resource can be invaluable if a similar fate befalls your files in the future and you need a reputable source to recover these files as quickly as possible.

If you are pleased with the data recovery company, be sure to tell other individuals in your predicament.

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